Pluviophile Meaning: Who They Are, What Defines Them, and Everything In-between

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Who is a pluviophile? The word “pluviophile” is a combination of two Latin words: “Pluvia” which means rain and “Phile”, a slang word used to describe a lover of something. The simple pluviophile meaning is: (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

Simply put, therefore, a pluviophile is any person who derives joy and inner satisfaction from the smells and sounds that are associated with rain. It is anyone who finds the world more beautiful when it rains than when it doesn’t, grey skies more attractive than blue skies, the sound of raindrops on the roof music to their ears, and the scent of moist soil aromatic.

Now that we know the pluviophile meaning, which other things define rain lovers?       

Traits That Define Pluviophiles     

Many people consider a rainy day to be a bad weather day. For anyone to think otherwise, therefore, that person must be viewing the world from a totally unique perspective. That uniqueness is what makes pluviophiles different from the rest of the population.

Things Pluviophiles Tend to Do When it Rains  

1. Stand by the window for the entire duration of the rain, just staring at the raindrops as they hit the ground and as they accumulate to form water streams; completely lost in their own amusement. It’s not strange to find such a person counting the number of raindrops landing on a particular spot or cheering on a water stream as it rushes into the storm drain.

2. Be thrilled by the idea of walking in the rain and loving the feel of rain water pouring on him or her, even when everyone else is hurrying away from it. Age doesn’t matter much in this regard. Aged and young pluviophiles alike enjoy their own company when in the rain.

3. Fill up a container with humid soil after the rain and smell it all day. As a matter of fact, some pluviophiles are nowadays going to the extent of buying body perfumes whose scents align closely with that of moist soil.

4. Spend a whole day lying on the couch, popcorn or a hot beverage in hand, just listening to the melody that the rain makes. Instead of feeling wasted when a storm causes darkness during the daytime, pluviophiles find such an occurrence appealing. The bigger the storm, the louder the thunder, the better for them.

What Makes a Person Pluviophile?      

Although there are multiple theories that try to explain weather and how different people react to it, behavioral scientists are yet to come up with a conclusive answer to this question. According to Professor Paul Dolan, a behavioral science professor from the London School of Economics, humans connect emotionally with different weather patterns, thus triggering good or bad memories, which in turn determines an individual’s mood.

In that regard, rain triggers happy memories in pluviophiles, and that is why they love it.        

Is Being A Pluviophile a Good or a Bad Thing?     

If you aren’t a pluviophile, to you the most visible consequence of loving rain would probably be the high risk of contracting a common cold. There are, however, many positives to a pluviophile lifestyle. Here are a few:   

  • Being bold enough to play in the rain when other people consider it to be weird is a sure way of breeding self-confidence. Pluviophiles do not seek other people’s approval on anything, and that makes them successful in more ways than one.
  • Withstanding a heavy downpour and refusing to take shelter like everyone else makes a pluviophile resilient.
  • Pluviophiles treasure every moment in the rain. That trains them to be present and to get the best from every single moment in life.
  • Rain lovers love their own lives. They understand the real meaning of inner joy.
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