The reason we like the trickling rain noise on the roof

Rain noise

If you are like most people, then you enjoy hearing the trickling sound of raindrops on the roof and the calming roll of running water. Your mind gets the feeling of clear-headed calm when you hear the sound of the powerful and authoritative roar of thunder.

10 Free Best Rain Sounds for Sleep

rain sounds for sleep

Does the sound of rain help you sleep? If it does, why wait until there is actual rain to have your dream sleep when you can find tons of rain sounds online without paying a dime? Here are a few recommendations to get you started:   Our top rain sounds for sleep 1. The Pluviophile rain […]

Why Rain Sounds Help You to Fall Asleep

Rain Sounds Help You to Fall Asleep

Mother Nature has its own kind of music for those who are willing to hear it. Nature sounds are filled with ocean waves, falling rain, rustling leaves, and flowing streams. The sound of the rain is one of the most relaxing and satisfying sounds. The voice of raindrops calms your soul, creates a pleasant environment […]

Find out why you have to listen to relaxing rain sounds…

relaxing rain sounds

When millions of water droplets hit our earth with a certain rhythm, you know that it’s raining. Rain is absolutely one of the most beautiful phenomena of Mother Nature, and the rainy season helps every inch of the planet blossom. When raindrops fall, they create amazing rain sounds. Have you ever thought about why rain […]

What is rain music and how beneficial is it?

rain music

What is rain music? Well, rain music is a unique blend of rain sounds and rain songs that gives you a tranquil, ambient noise that accentuates peace in your mind, body, and soul. If you have trouble sleeping, for example, rain sounds such as the relaxing sound of a gentle rain storm combined with a […]

What is the sound of rain and how does it affects us?

sound of rain

Is there any psychological or physical explanation to the calmness and fearlessness that engulfs you when you listen to the sound of rain or the babbling sounds of a nearby river? Of course, there is no denying that natural sounds have a unique connection to the human brain and body. That is the connection that […]

The Reason a Rainy Days Experience Lightens Up Your Mood

Rainy Day Experience Lightens Up Your Mood

Many people associate a rain sound with sweet sleep sessions, enhanced concentration, and increased peace of mind. Why so? Well, rain pours down so naturally and effortlessly, more like in the way we all would want our lives to be—natural and effortless. It refreshes the environment, and so does it wash away our fears and anxieties, […]