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People love the rain because it brings with it a feeling of peace and calm. The sound of raindrops falling on roofs, trees, and leaves is like music to their ears and makes them feel relaxed. Additionally, when it rains, people can find solace in activities such as walking in the rain, taking pictures or videos of the rain, or simply sitting and watching it fall from their window.

The rain can also remind us of nature’s beauty and inspire people to appreciate the environment. Ultimately, it is up to each individual how they choose to experience the rain, but for many, it is an opportunity for peace and tranquility.

Love of Rain: 10 Ways Exploring the Feelings it Brings

1. You love to walk in the rain

A pluviophile will go outside when it rains without a care in the world whether he or she gets wet or not. While other people try to shield away from the rain, a pluviophile will walk with a smile as if the rain is their best companion.

People love to walk in the rain because it can give them a sense of freedom, appreciation for nature, and the beauty of life’s simple moments. Also, the smell of rain brings joy

When it rains, there is an unmistakable smell in the air that many people love. It has been described as a mixture of wet earth and petrichor—a mysterious yet

2. You feel cheerful and enthusiastic

A lover of rain will have positive feelings and want to spread them all around the minute rain falls from the sky. Moreover, in a pluviophile’s mind, the good vibes begin whenever the skies start to get dark and cloudy.

Many people feel cheerful and enthusiastic when it rains because of the sense of relief that it brings. For some, a rainy day symbolize that things will soon be okay and normal again since the rain washes and renews things.

3. You enjoy rainy days

How do you know if you enjoy rainy days? If you’re the type of person who looks forward to a rainy day, then chances are that you want rainy days.

Rainy days can be enjoyable because they give people an excuse to stay in and relax. People may use the opportunity to curl up with a book or movie, have some hot chocolate, or take it slow and enjoy.

You think there should be more rainy days in the year. Simply put, you are a pluviophile.

4. You love the smell during and after the rain

If you are one of those people standing outside with your nose up, taking in the scents either during or after the rain, you could be a pluviophile. Some even wish there was a way the after-rain scents could be bottled so they could smell them long after the rains are gone.

5. Rain comforts you

You are one of those people that feel calmer when it rains than during other times. You are a pluviophile if you feel relaxed, focused, and dedicated to missions while it rains.

Rain provides comfort because it symbolizes that something is being washed and renewed. Rain gives people a chance to start fresh, free from the worries of life, at least for a while.

6. Rain takes you to places You have not been before

You never feel gloomy during this period. During the rain, you enjoy the feel of your sofa or bed as you read your favorite book or watch your favorite movie. When it rains, people start to think of places they have not been to before or things to do when it’s raining.

Rainy days allow you to explore your creativity. You can take pictures and videos of the rain, record the sound of rain and dim the light to create a unique atmosphere at home.

7. You love watching the rain fall

You like to see raindrops fall on your window. If you find yourself spending hours leaning on your with a smile on your face, sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night to watch the rain fall from the sky – then you could be a pluviophile.

8. You love the sound of the rain

Why are there people who love the sound of rain in particular? The sound of rain has a calming effect and a sense of security. It’s the perfect background noise for any activity, whether reading, writing, or relaxing.

The rain on metal rooftops, trees, and leaves sounds like music to your ears. If this sound relaxes you and you do not want it to end, then you could be a pluviophile.

9. You record visual rainy moments in your head

People who love the rain tend to observe everything that happens during a rainy day such as the smell in the air, the sound of thunder and raindrops hitting on windows or roofs, and even the different shades of grey in the sky.

10. You listen to specific music during rainy days

If you have dedicated playlists with custom-made songs that you only play on rainy days and that make you feel calm and happy, then you are a rain lover. Don’t forget to check our amazing playlist for rainy days.

Here are some tips for finding the perfect music for a rainy day:

  • Look for songs with slow, relaxing beats or instrumentals.
  • Listen to ambient music or classical pieces with soft melodies.
  • Choose songs that have lyrics about rain or that evoke a feeling of peace and tranquility.

11. You’re thinking of doing a rain tattoo


Wrapping it up

Anyone that loves the feel of the rain and wants to go out and dance in the rain and marvel at the wonderful feeling that comes with the sound of raindrops is a pluviophile and truly feels the love of rain.

Every pluviophile will tell you that there is no better feeling than that of rain, or a dark cloud just before the rain, or the scent of rain-soaked dirt. There is everything to love about the rain. So, are you a pluviophile?

Moria G.

Moria G.

I live in the middle east, but I always aim to come to Europe during the transition season to hang out in the rain ☔ Since I remember, I have loved rainy days and found excuses to play outside, jumping through the puddles. As a grown-up, I found out I am a classic Pluviophile ;)

I live in the middle east, but I always aim to travel to Europe during the transition seasons to hang out in the rain.

Since I remember, I have loved rainy days and found excuses to play outside, jumping through the puddles. As a grown-up, I found out I am a classic Pluviophile ;)

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