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Inventing fun ideas for things to do on a rainy day requires a high level of creativity and commitment. Most people opt not to invent anything and instead do the obvious: Sleep or watch movies. But did you know that a rainy day is a perfect opportunity to play and bond with your kids and friends?

Did you also know that rain makes everything outside look more beautiful than it is, giving you a chance to see the world uniquely? This article has compiled 5 fun indoor and 5 outdoor rainy-day activities you should try.

Cool Indoor engaging rainy day activities

1. Improvised story-telling or poetry

You can enjoy a rainy day indoors with friends or kids by developing a non-existent story. You simply choose the story’s genre, say a ghost story, and then start things off with the legendary “once upon a time” phrase.

Everyone present then contributes to the story by adding a sentence or a word (whatever you agree on), one person at a time, until it reaches a sensible conclusion. This epic piece of improvisation works pretty well with poems and songs as well.

2. Improvised bowling

Do you have a tennis ball in the house? What about empty water and soda bottles? If you do, then you have everything you need for improvised bowling. Your kids will have lots of fun playing and cheering on this game.

3. Royal dinner

Prepare your family’s favorite meal, dress up in your most fancy clothes, decorate the house, and give everything around the home a royal touch. You can involve your kids by letting them prepare the guest list (one of them can be the queen, by the way) and send official invites. The pets and dolls can be included in the list as well.

When at the dinner table, follow all the royal procedures that you have heard of or still; create your own “royal” procedures. How you chew, how you fold napkins, how you sit, the conversations you start, how you hold the teacups… everything you do should be royal. Everyone must stick to the royal script for this to be fun.

4. Enjoy a sauna/massage

A rainy day is a relaxed day. Now think of how relaxing a sauna or a massage session can be under the soothing sound of rain.

5. Themed treasure hunting

This is the greatest boredom-buster for kids on a rainy day. If you have some old Halloween costumes, use them to set the theme and mood for your treasure-hunting game. Ask your kids which treasures they would love to hunt for, and then hide those treasures around the home. You can spice the game up by providing the kids with some hunting clues.

Fun Outdoor rainy day activities to partake

6. Create a nature journal

A rainy day shouldn’t mean that fun activities are limited to the indoors. With the proper rain gear, rain boots, rain jacket, and an umbrella if necessary, you can step outside and have much fun in the rain.

You can, for example, make a nature journal on which you record different occurrences and observations in the rain: Soil smells, changing rain intensity, sounds of rain, etc. Do this with the kids to nurture their young science minds.

kids in rain

7. Measure the rain

Like in #5, this will indulge your kids’ research instincts. Using a homemade rain gauge (probably a ruler in a clear cup, take rainfall measurements within a specified duration. If your budget allows, you can buy an actual rain gauge from your local store.

8. A walk in the woods

Grab your hiking boots, a raincoat, a torch, and anything else you feel will keep you warm/safe and take a walk in the woods. If you have a camera, bring it along because it is on days like these that you will take the most spectacular photos.

9. Take a road trip

Driving in the rain is fun, provided that you are an experienced driver; the rain makes the outside scenery spectacularly beautiful. Remember to pack some snacks and create a playlist with the best road trip songs.

10. Explore caves

If you know of a cave within your locality that doesn’t flood, explore it the next time it rains. You can camp there; it doesn’t rain in caves.

Moria G.

Moria G.

I live in the middle east, but I always aim to come to Europe during the transition season to hang out in the rain ☔ Since I remember, I have loved rainy days and found excuses to play outside, jumping through the puddles. As a grown-up, I found out I am a classic Pluviophile ;)

I live in the middle east, but I always aim to travel to Europe during the transition seasons to hang out in the rain.

Since I remember, I have loved rainy days and found excuses to play outside, jumping through the puddles. As a grown-up, I found out I am a classic Pluviophile ;)

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