My story, or how I discovered that I’m a Pluviophile

One day I made plans with a friend to meet in the evening. It was a winter day with scattered rain showers. Not long before the time we were supposed to meet, I called my friend and told her I would be a little late.

She asked if it was because of the rain, and in the same breath, she offered that her husband comes and pick me up in his car. So I said: “you misunderstood; I’m just waiting for the rain to get stronger so I can leave in the heavy rain.” She answered: “You’re crazy.” And me? I laughed with joy…

I’m a Pluviophile, and you?

There is a definition for the word Pluviophile, but in this section, I would like to share the emotional meaning of the word and why I decided to create this unique website.

My name is Moria and since I can remember, I’ve always loved winter and rainy days. Most of my childhood memories have to do with things that happened on rainy days, and most of the positive memories from my adult life occurred in the winter. As the years went by, my love for winter only grew, and a few years ago, I realized that I was a true Pluviophile.

My heart fills with love as soon as it starts to rain (not necessarily a monsoon, just a rainy winter day). I feel good and positive toward myself and everyone around me, and I strongly desire to spread that positivity outward. In fact, the stormier the weather, the more I want to be outside.

I love rainy-day music, photographing the rain, and waking up in the middle of the night to listen to the rain and look at it through my window. I sit on the balcony and breathe in the cool, clean, excellent air that the rain creates, and I feel good!

Dedicated to Pluviophiles, or what can you find on this website?

There was a time when I didn’t know there were people like me. I called them “the rain people” without knowing who they were and where to find them. Now I call them Pluviophiles and invite them to gather and create a unique community.

All content on this website is focused on the concept of Pluviophile. On this website, you will find discussions, ideas and stories from readers. You can listen to rain sounds, view photos and videos, and find unique products that Pluviophiles will appreciate.

This website is dedicated to people who love rain, appreciate stormy weather, and generally have a wonderful time when it’s rainy. If you consider yourself a Pluviophile, I invite you to join our unique community and enjoy an experience created especially for you.

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