7 Scientific Reasons Why People Tend to Have More Sex During Winter

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Most people enjoy making love more during the winter than any other time of the year. As a matter of honesty, one would be forgiven for arguing that winter is a license by Mother Nature for her people to have sexual relationship. But is the cuffing season scientifically supported, or is it just an unfounded excuse for couples to get under the sheets?

Here are seven scientific reasons why people tend to do rain sex during the winter: 

1. Increased testosterone levels and sperm counts.

Cuddling excites the Oxycontin hormone, thus boosting positive feelings​

Statistics show that the months of August and September usually register the highest number of births. This is not coincidental.

Experts suggest that people are more fertile during the months of November and December as a result of high sperm concentrations and elevated testosterone levels. Sperms feel relieved from the summer heat of August through October, so they multiply at a higher rate under the coolness of winter.   

2. Intercourse is the most viable way of checking weight during winter

Cuddling excites the Oxycontin hormone, thus boosting positive feelings​

Biologists at the University of Alberta recently found that limited exposure to sunlight leads to an accumulation of fat in the human body.

Shedding weight during a cold season, on the other hand, is a tall order for many because of reduced outdoor activity. The most viable way of checking weight during winter, therefore, is intercourse. Researchers from the University of Montreal recently established that intercourse helps people burn approximately 3-4 calories per minute.  

3. Cuddling excites the Oxycontin hormone, thus boosting positive feelings

Cuddling excites the Oxycontin hormone, thus boosting positive feelings​

People cuddle freely during rainy days, unlike during warm seasons when they fear they’ll generate too much unnecessary heat. Cuddling releases oxytocin—the love hormone—in the brain, which increases sexual attractions between partners.

That’s not all: Scientists at Duke University found that oxytocin cures depression, ignites positive emotions, and makes people more empathetic. All this contributes to creating a sexy-friendly environment.   

4. Winter love keeps colds and the flu away

Winter sex keeps colds and the flu away​

According to researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, frequent intercourse keeps germs and viruses at bay. It boosts a person’s immune system and protects him or her from colds and the flu.  

5. People are more attractive during cold seasons

Very few people are willing to dress scantily on the streets or go swimming in bikinis during the winter; everyone is covered up with warm clothes. Winter, therefore, means that men and women alike see very little of each other’s bare skin. That scarcity breeds desire.  

6. Women experience better peaks when wearing winter socks

Women experience better orgasms when wearing winter socks​

Going by recent findings by the University of Groningen, Netherlands, women have a 30 percent higher chance of experiencing an peak when wearing socks than when going without. Wearing socks to bed during the summer isn’t the smartest thing to do, but everyone is excused for doing the same thing during the winter.

Given that a woman has only about a 25 percent chance of reaching peak under normal circumstances, who wouldn’t want to leverage the highly probable winter peak?

7. Making love is an effective warmth generator

Sex is an effective warmth generator​

Besides the physical cold, winter also precipitates social isolation and—by extension—social coldness. People get lonely due to reduced outdoor activity, and that prompts them to seek warmth in their own way.

Hot coffee, hot showers, dressing warmly, and sitting by the fire helps with physical coldness. What about the social coldness? Cuddling and having lots of love is the only scientifically proven way of shedding it.

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