10 Free Best Rain Sounds for Sleep

rain sounds for sleep
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Does the sound of rain help you sleep? If it does, why wait until there is actual rain to have your dream sleep when you can find tons of rain sounds online without paying a dime? Here are a few recommendations to get you started:  

Our top rain sounds for sleep

1. The Pluviophile rain sounds for sleep

It is time to sit back, relax your body and mind, and drown your sorrows with our top quality rain sounds. We have carefully handpicked the best rain sounds for sleeping based on their ability to help you relax, study, work, or sleep.   

We understand that on top of white noise blocking out distractions and creating a peaceful ambiance, it also brings positive vibes to the life of every pluviophile. That is why our sound quality is unmatched at all levels. Now go ahead and indulge your introspective and pluviophile instincts by hitting the play button and enjoy a rainy day.

2. Epic thunder and rain

Allow this symphony orchestra of thunder rambling evenly across mountains tops and through the woods sooth you to sleep in a mesmerizing fashion. It’s just the perfect natural sound that you need to forget about all your worries and grab a good night sleep!  

3. The sound of rain meditation

A unique blend of tropical thunder and delicate rain sounds for sleeping will not only help you solve insomnia problems but also relieve you from chronic headache, depression, and stress.

 The tranquillity it precipitates will silence all the crazy around you so effortlessly yet so powerfully.  

4. Gentle night rain

This is the sound of steady and soft rain to help you sleep, relax, or study. It will calm you down from anxieties and tinnitus; will calm down your dog as well if he/she is scared of rain and thunder.  

5. Rain and deep thunder

The ambiance and calmness that these rain sounds precipitate will make you fall in love with rain through and through. The thunder is deep but not harsh- It gets so therapeutic when you play it on speaker with over 50% volume. 

What’s more, this rain doesn’t make any weird noises even at the highest volume levels.  

6. Thunder and rain black screen

Feel the unparalleled power of thunder and the rhythmic dancing rain on a quiet night when you play these rain sounds for sleeping solutions. You will be immersed in pleasure every time you listen to these calming sounds of nature.  

7. Rain sleep sounds

These rain sleep sounds are generally gentle but you will hear sounds of thunder occasionally- just to spice things up, you know. The drip sounds every time the rain hits the ground makes everything seem perfectly real. Yes, it feels like it is raining for real!  

8. Gentle high-quality rain

Grab your headphone and allow yourself to be lured to sleep by this gentle rain with occasional thunder in the background. The thunder is loud enough for your nerves but not too random to irritate. Such a beautiful sound!  

9. Relax music

Some little jazz music blended with some hypnotically soothing sounds of rain would be the most perfect recipe for sleeping and studying. The tunes are all so fantastic. If you love dancing in the rain, then you most likely know that rain + Jazz makes one of the most adorable, most beautiful love story.

10. Heavy rain sounds

I bet this is the most insanely beautiful thing you will hear in your whole life: A mixture of rain sounds as recorded from a camping tent and rain sounds recorded from the midst of the chaos and excitement of thunder and heavy downpour. You will definitely fall in love with this one!

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