The reason we like the trickling rain noise on the roof

Rain noise
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If you are like most people, then you enjoy hearing the trickling sound of raindrops on the roof and the calming roll of running water. Your mind gets the feeling of clear-headed calm when you hear the sound of the powerful and authoritative roar of thunder.

You find the gentle chirping of birds on a rainy day calming and relaxing. All these sounds wash over you and mask all the unwanted voices and sounds in your life. As they drift off, these noises carry with them all your troubles and fears. That is rain noise for you. 

What is a rain noise?

It is the sound that rain makes when it is in the process of cleansing the earth. As the sound of raindrops blend and small water streams rush over the roof, our souls are filled with hope and expectation for a better tomorrow. 

When rain showers down hard, fast, and loud, it helps us embrace the power of nature. When it showers in slow tempo- light and spaced drops, it calms us down and slows down our racing, disturbing thoughts. This is, indeed, magical a noise.


Why Does Rain Noise Help You Sleep?

The watery noise of rain puts most people in la-la land. People suffering from insomnia swear by rain noise to enable them to fall asleep and experience the sweetest of dreams. The drowsing effect of rain can be explained in multiple ways, but the most sensible explanation is that the human brain interprets water noises as a non-threat and friendly. 

All white noises are non-threats, meaning that they generate peace and tranquility particularly in the dead of night.


Why Do We Love Rain Noises?

There are many annoying noises in our everyday lives that we always struggle to mask and subdue, mostly with little to no success. But with rain noise, these unwanted noises are neutralized and concealed. That is the primary reason why we find  rain sounds so appealing.

Rain sounds are music to our ears. They are monotonous so they don’t impede us from sleeping. They help us reclaim our concentration from the many stressful aspects of our lives. For people living in the city, in particular, the rain slows down traffic and allows them to recharge. 

It covers the constant sounds of car engines and manufacturing plants and fills the air with calmness. Concentrating on the monotone rain noise makes us fixate our thoughts on the beauty of life.

There are many other reasons why we love rain and its sounds. For example, falling rain is linked with romance and love-making. 

You will admit that movies become more entertaining and hot chocolate more stimulating with the rain noises rumbling in the background. This connection could be a strong reason why we love the beautiful sounds of rain.

We all can agree that nothing beats the rain noise, especially when relaxing in bed at night. In that regard, make a point of checking out our rain sounds and enjoy the relaxing sounds of falling rains every day. You don’t have to wait for the rainy seasons for you to relax.


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