Petrichor Scented Candle For Pluviophiles

Petrichor Scented Candle For Pluviophiles

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Whether it’s summer monsoons dousing your landscape or morning drizzles that spark joy in your heart, one thing is sure: we crave petrichor. And what better way to bring that beloved smell indoors than with a petrichor scented candle?

A petrichor scented candle is a perfect gift for any pluviophile, providing a touch of nature’s fragrance to your home. Not only will petrichor fill the air with its signature scent, but it also brings a hint of nostalgia and comfort – just like the actual petrichor itself!

Read on and get ready to indulge yourself in rivulets of nostalgia and watery wonder as we share our top picks for the best petrichor-scented candles.

Petrichor Candle: The 5 Best Scents for Pluviophiles

The 5 Best Scents for Pluviophiles

A petrichor scented candle is a perfect way to bring petrichor indoors, regardless of the season. Each petrichor scent is created with natural ingredients that are carefully chosen for their ability to evoke the freshest petrichor experience.

These candles are ideal for pluviophiles who live in dry areas or want a little petrichor. Here are our top picks for petrichor scented candles:

1. Haeckels Pluviophile Candle

First on our list is the petrichor-infused Haeckels Pluviophile Candle. This unique petrichor-scented candle captures the crisp petrichor scent after a summer rainstorm. Its eye-catching black wax blends with the petrichor aromas to create a truly unique atmosphere in any space.

Top citrus, mineral, and green notes awaken the senses and evoke a petrichor-filled atmosphere in your home. Meanwhile, the base notes of moss, cedarwood, and musk create an earthy petrichor atmosphere that’s perfect for pluviophiles.

2. REGN by Skandinavisk

If you love petrichor, then the REGN Aromatic Candle by Skandinavisk is a must-have. Made of Swedish rapeseed wax and petrichor-infused oil, this is the perfect petrichor candle for experiencing the freshness of a Nordic petrichor atmosphere.

The top notes of wet grass, damp earth, and misted peony blend with base notes of moss and slippery cobblestones to create a petrichor experience that’s out of this world!

3. Seattle Candle by Homesick

Transport yourself to the rainy Pacific Northwest with the Seattle Candle by Homesick. This petrichor-infused candle captures the unique rainy atmosphere of Seattle and brings it to your home.

The candle’s top notes of earthy and dark-roasted coffee will make you feel like you’re sitting in a cozy cafe in Seattle. Meanwhile, hints of zesty lemon and tart rhubarb evoke the bright petrichor atmosphere of Seattle.

4. St. John’s Wood by Tatine

The St. John’s Wood Candle is a timeless fall evening in a petrichor-infused candle. This candle captures the essence of a crisp autumn evening walk in an English park, with top notes of freshly fallen leaves and rain-soaked concrete.

This unique candle comes in smoke gray mouth-blown glassware, making it a great gift idea for any stylish pluviophile in your life. The perfect combination of rustic, earthy, and sophisticated scents will transport you back to the meandering paths of St. John’s Wood. If you’re a fan of crisp autumn days, then this is the candle for you.

5. La Montaña Cloudburst Scented Candle

There’s something about the mountainside after a fresh rain shower that’s simply magical. The La Montaña Cloudburst Scented Candle captures this essence and brings it indoors with its signature petrichor-infused scent.

The candle features an invigorating blend of bergamot, basil, lavender, and ozonic notes to evoke the feeling of a rainy mountain walk. Meanwhile, the beguiling scent of rockrose and wild mountain fennel create a rainy day atmosphere that’s like no other.

What Is Petrichor Fragrance?

What Is Petrichor Fragrance

Petrichor is a distinct scent produced when rain falls on dry ground. The word originates from the Greek ‘petros,’ translated as stone, and ‘ichor,’ which is the fluid that runs in the blood vessels of gods. This characteristic earthy smell is often associated with an impending rainstorm or a much-needed shower after a long period of drought.

The petrichor scent is created by various volatile oils and hydrocarbons released from plants, soil particles, and rocks. When raindrops fall on the ground, they release these oils and hydrocarbons into the air creating a distinct yet pleasant odor. The unique combination of these chemicals gives petrichor its distinctive smell that many people find comforting.

The smell of petrichor can evoke powerful memories for many people — from childhood memories of playing in the rain to romantic memories of first loves and moments shared with special friends. Petrichor has been linked to feelings of nostalgia and joy and provides physical relaxation benefits due to its calming effects.

Most people enjoy experiencing petrichor outdoors, but you can also experience it indoors through scented candles and home fragrances containing natural ingredients such as essential oils.

Why Does Petrichor Smell So Good?

There’s just something about breathing in the scent of petrichor that’s both invigorating and calming at the same time. Many people have expressed that the smell of petrichor creates a feeling of joy, peace, and nostalgia.

One theory is that petrichor is linked to feelings of satisfaction as it often indicates the end of a long dry spell and brings much-needed rain. This could explain why petrichor is often linked to positive emotions.

Another explanation for why petrichor smells so good has to do with its calming effects. Studies have shown that exposure to natural scents can reduce stress levels and increase human relaxation. This could explain why some people find petrichor so soothing after a long and stressful day.

The scent of petrichor serves many different purposes in our lives, including encouraging relaxation, invoking memories of nature, and inspiring creativity. No matter how you feel about rainstorms, there’s no denying that there’s something special about the unique smell of petrichor!

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, the top five petrichor scented candles for pluviophiles. Whether you want to bring the freshness of a Nordic rainforest indoors or want to evoke the feeling of a rainy day walks in the mountains, there’s a petrichor-infused candle to suit your needs.

So next time you want to relax and unwind, light up one of these petrichor scented candles and let the calming aromas transport you to a peaceful place. Who knows, maybe you can even conjure up a few childhood memories while you’re at it!

Moria G.

Moria G.

I live in the middle east, but I always aim to come to Europe during the transition season to hang out in the rain ☔ Since I remember, I have loved rainy days and found excuses to play outside, jumping through the puddles. As a grown-up, I found out I am a classic Pluviophile ;)

I live in the middle east, but I always aim to travel to Europe during the transition seasons to hang out in the rain.

Since I remember, I have loved rainy days and found excuses to play outside, jumping through the puddles. As a grown-up, I found out I am a classic Pluviophile ;)

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