I love rain. What is the personality of a person who loves rainy days?

rain lover personality
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If you are someone who loves rain, you have probably heard the word pluviophile. There are different types of people in the world with different types of personalities. Personality and the nature of human beings mostly depend upon their likes, dislikes, and daily routines. There are people who fell in love with the rising sun while there are other people who love the view of the moon between the stars.

But if you are a rain lover and love every aspect of rain, then you are a special person with a unique personality. Unlike other people, pluviophiles are pretty awesome, and their mood completely depends upon the weather. Just like the rain, pluviophiles are down-to-earth kinds of people and have a calm personality.  

Rain influence their mood

Pluviophiles’ feelings are nostalgic and the only thing that lightens their mood instantly is rain! They love to sit in silence beside the window to listen to the beating of rain droplets for hours at a time. Their imagination has the most powerful fantasies and dreams. They are embedded in the power of rain and have good confidence levels. The only thing their brains keep singing is an I LOVE THE RAIN song, again and again!

If you want to know more about the personality of rain lovers, you must read these main traits of pluviophiles:  

I love rain

Rain lovers are mostly introverts 

Do you know that earthworms only come outside when it rains? The same thing happens with rain lovers. They only step out of their comfort zones when it rains. They keep themselves in a relaxed mood and enjoy the company around them silently. 

But when it rains, they grab their favorite drink and sit on the top of the roof to explore the wonders of rain. Rain lovers usually like to spend time alone and do not share anything until they want to.

They have the most wonderful colors in their mind and always find happiness in little things like bubbles. As I LOVE THE RAIN is the favorite song that plays in the minds of pluviophiles, they are naturally fantastic people.

Rain lovers are simple in nature 

Rain lovers adore the beauty of nature and believe simplicity is the best. They have calm, relaxing and cheerful personalities that can make everyone around them happy. They are very pleasant, humble and sensitive people.

Rain lovers are stronger

Pluviophiles have natural power for facing any problem. Most of the time, they stay in a relaxed mood, but when they must face problems, these people do their best to get rid of them.

I personally have loved the rain ever since childhood, and rain never fails to encourage me to make good things happen.

What the rain makes me do

I get my motivational energy from the rain droplets. When life sometimes gets me down, I just sit quietly and remember how I LOVE THE RAIN, and how I felt when raindrops kissed my cheeks for the first time.

Rain instantly triggers my energy mode. Obviously, pluviophiles find comfort in the sounds of rain, the smell of rain, and running rainwater streams. They never hesitate to dance in the rain, and they become a little child once it starts raining.

They love to walk on the street when it rains, and they spend more time near windows. If you are a person who likes to scream I LOVE THE RAIN on the top of your lungs, then trust me, you are a true pluviophile.

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