How a rainy mood influences your thinking and behavior

rainy mood Influences
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If you have been tuned in to your feelings, you must have noticed that most rainy days are accompanied by a significant improvement in your overall mood. Could that be coincidental? Not at all. Multiple studies have proven that a rainy day ignites positive emotions in many people across the world and helps them to lead more fulfilling lives.   

Some people, for example, sleep better when it rains and have a tendency to switch off the lights and crawl into bed immediately they hear the first raindrop on the roof. Another person will grab a blanket and a bowl of popcorn when it rains, lay on the couch, and study for upcoming tests.

There is also a group of people who enjoy rainy days at work because the sound of rain improves their productivity. All these people, yourself included, think and behave better when it rains.

Rainy days make you behave and act better

In this article, we are looking at how a rainy day affects your state of mind, and how it influences your thinking and behavior.

1. Reduced Extravagance

How often do you think of going out shopping on rainy days? Chances are that you rarely do. Have you ever wondered why? Well, scientific findings have found that rain makes people more appreciative of what they already have, no matter how little.

It helps people to reflect on their lives and the things that really matter, rather than what the world expects of them. Rain enables you to find satisfaction from within yourself as opposed to your material possessions. That is why you don’t see the need for extravagant shopping.      

2. Improved Memory and Creativity

Close your eyes and try to remember an occurrence that went down on a particular rainy day a couple of years back. How much of it can you remember? Researchers argue that your memory is significantly improved when you experience weather that makes you happy and optimistic for more than 30 minutes.

Besides that, playing in the rain all by yourself makes your mind more relaxed, creative, and wide open to accommodate new information.      

3. Increased Resilience and Self-Confidence

A positive rainy mood is, without a doubt, a resilient mood. It enables you to find joy and happiness in the middle of a storm and to keep moving even when everyone else is desperately rushing to find shelter.

Paying attention to small details, such as how rain makes the grass and flowers grow with time, on the other hand, opens your eyes to the fact that every beautiful outcome needs time and effort to mature. In the end, you develop a resilient mood for every project you venture into.

Enjoying your own company in the rain also helps you to block all the negative energy that toxic people bring into your life. You don’t even care about what other people think. That state of mind makes you an all-around better person.      

4. Increased Introspection

A rainy mood is a perfect mood for deep introspection. As you enjoy the sight of clouds forming and moving hastily in the sky, raindrops hitting the ground in a rhythmic fashion, and trees dancing in the storm, you are able to see the real beauty of life.

That’s the time you get lost in your own thoughts, contemplating life. By so doing, you become more aware of your own existence and so you start living your life more fully.      

Bottom Line

The positivity that rain brings to your life greatly influences your thinking and behavior and, by extension, shapes your future. That’s why the calm, peaceful, and relaxing atmosphere that accompanies a rainy mood is invaluable in your life.

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