Why Is the Smell After it Rains So Appealing? The Petrichor phenomenon

petrichor - smell after rain

How many times have you had to rush outside during or after a storm just to enjoy the evocative, fresh, and sweet smell? If you have done it uncountable times, then you are not alone. I mean, who doesn’t love petrichor—the irresistible fragrance that comes with rain after a dry season? As a matter of […]

Is it raining outside? 10 Cool ideas for a rainy day activities

rainy day activities

Inventing fun ideas for things to do on a rainy day requires a high level of creativity and commitment. Most people actually opt not to invent anything and instead do the obvious: Sleep or watch movies. But did you know that a rainy day is a perfect opportunity to play and bond with your kids […]

How a rainy mood influences your thinking and behaviour

rainy mood Influences

If you have been tuned in to your feelings, you must have noticed that most rainy days are accompanied by a significant improvement in your overall mood. Could that be coincidental? Not at all. Multiple studies have proven that a rainy day ignites positive emotions in many people across the world and helps them to […]