10 signs that you truly understand the love of rain

signs you're a pluviophile
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Do you really understand the love of rain? Check yourself!

1. You love to walk in the rain. A pluviophile will go outside when it rains without a care in the world whether he or she gets wet or not. While other people try to shield away from the rain, a pluviophile will walk with a smile as if the rain is their best companion.

2. You feel cheerful and enthusiastic. A lover of rain will have positive feelings and want to spread them all around the minute rain starts to fall from the sky. Moreover, whenever the skies start to get dark and cloudy, in a pluviophile’s mind, the good vibes are starting.

3. You enjoy rainy days and you think there should be more rainy days in the year. Simply put, you are a pluviophile.

4. You love the smell during and after the rain. If you are one those people that will stand outside with your nose up, taking in the scents either during or after the rain, then you could be a pluviophile. Some even wish there was a way the after-rain scents could be bottled so they could smell them long after the rains are gone.

5. Rain comforts you; you are one of those people that feel calmer when it rains than during other times. If you feel relaxed, focused and dedicated to missions while it rains, then you are pluviophile.

6. Rain takes you to places you have not been before, and you never feel gloomy during this period. During the rains, you enjoy the feel of your sofa or bed as you read your favorite book or watch your favorite movie.

7. You love watching the rain fall from your window – if you spend hours next to your window watching the raindrops, and with a smile on your face, then you could be a pluviophile.

8. You love the sound of the rain. The sound of the rain on metal rooftops, and on trees and leaves sounds like music to your ears. If this sound relaxes you and you do not want it to end, then you could be a pluviophile.

9. You record visual rainy moments. If you find yourself trying to preserve the moment while it rains and take pictures or videos with your camera or a phone, then you are probably a pluviophile.

10. You listen to specific music during rainy days. If you have dedicated playlists with custom made songs that you only play on rainy days and that make you feel calm and happy, then you are a rain lover.

Wrapping it up, anyone that simply loves the feel of the rain and wants to go out and dance in the rain and marvel at the wonderful feeling that comes with the sound of raindrops is a pluviophile and truly feels the love of rain. Every pluviophile will tell you that there is no better feeling than that of rain, or a dark cloud just before the rain, or the scent of rain-soaked dirt. There is everything to love about the rain. So, are you a pluviophile?

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